Compressport Trail On/Off V2 开关越野跑压缩短袖 

By | 2016年12月23日

新的COMPRESSPORT®越野跑衬衫V2。更多的技术特定的功能和细节,以提高您的舒适性和性能。描述:高技术的跑步衬衫V2允许你跑步或训练完全轻量级的服装。超距离爱好者永远不会太热或太冷。感谢新的口袋风扇短距离可以离开没有他们的背包。 ON / OFF互动光纤与你呼吸,并根据你的努力的强度调节你的通风。 ON在加速阶段期间在胸部肌肉链的水平处的最大通气。您呼吸充满你的肺部没有限制…关闭在高压缩下的保护在减速期间核心支持提供完美的姿势定位和真实的力和支持的感觉。不热或冷,总是干燥。独特的织物允许最佳的温度调节,无论温度从5º到40º。空气的循环允许外部和内部之间的完美平衡。因此,身体总是处于相同的温度而没有突然的上升或下降。 6口袋理想的训练或运行任何距离。良好的隔间更好的组织,他们很容易访问,并已被设计,以避免所有的转变。也是无用的扭曲的结束。你节省你的精力,并集中在你的步伐。

The new COMPRESSPORT® Trail Running Shirt V2. Even more technologies specific features and details to improve your comfort and performance. Description: Highly technical the Trail Running Shirt V2 allows you to go running or training in completely lightweight clothing. Ultra distance lovers will never be too hot or too cold. Thanks to the new pockets fans of short distances can leave without their Backpack. The ON / OFF interactive fibre breathes with you and regulates your ventilation following the intensity of your effort. ON for maximum ventilation at the level of the thorax muscular chains during the acceleration phase. You breathe filling your lungs without limitation … OFF for protection under high compression during deceleration with core support offering perfect posture positioning and a true feeling of force and support. Not hot or cold and always dry. The unique fabric allows optimal thermoregulation whatever the temperature from 5º to 40º. The circulation of the air allows perfect balance between outside and inside. The body is thus always at the same temperature without sudden rises or falls. 6 pick pockets ideal for training or running whatever the distance. Well compartmentalised for better organisation they are easy to access and have been designed to avoid all shifting. Also the end of useless twisting. You save your energy and stay concentrated on your stride.
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新款V2 越野开关T恤 好价, 如L码白色红条53.2欧元 含税直邮到手57.23欧元,约420。淘宝上授权店1代要700元呢

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