Saucony Men’s Guide 9 美亚索康尼Guide 9 男款次顶级支撑稳定跑鞋 配色多 尺码全 52.49美元

By | 2016年11月4日
  • Rubber sole 橡胶大底
  • 轻量稳定路跑/竞赛鞋 纱布鞋面   Light-stability road running and racing shoe featuring mesh with tech-striped overlays
  • 8毫米落差 8mm heel-to-toe drop
  • EVERRUN材料提供持久缓冲反弹  Energy-returning EVERUN continuous cushioning stride
  • SRC冲击缓冲 SRC Impact Zone cushioning
  • Durable iBR+ outsole pods
  • XT-900 Carbon Rubber outsol

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