Skins Ncg 防风轻量防水保暖背心 法亚L码29欧元 直邮到手30.62欧元 M码34.53欧元 直邮到手35.24欧元  都是好价

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The Skins Tech Running Vest is made from ultra light, breathable material with durable water repellency to protect you from wind and light showers. An athletic cut minimises drag during activity and adjustable toggles in the hood and hem allow for a customisable the fit. When it’s not needed, the hood packs neatly into a zipper pocket in the collar so it’s out of your way. 可折叠到领子口袋中  There are also a couple of zippered pockets so you can stash your key or some coins to pick up your morning coffee at the end of your run. 多个拉链口袋  360 degree reflectivity means you stay visible when running in low light conditions, so you can continue training into the evening.


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  • 修身剪裁Athletic cut to minimise drag during activity
  • 超轻 透气 持久防溅水 防风 防小雨  Ultra-light and breathable with durable water repellency to protect from wind and light showers
  • 帽子和下摆有调节拉绳 Adjustable toggles in the hood and hem for a customised fit
  • 前后左右都有反光条/反光商标   360 degree reflective highlights for low light visibility
  • Full front zip with chin guard for comfort

法亚L码29欧元 直邮到手30.62欧元 M码34.53欧元 直邮到手35.24欧元  都是好价。 春秋热身时保暖还是不错的。

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