Speedo Women’s – 西亚Speedo女款窄肩带大露背泳衣Azul – Navy/Siren/Deep Peri 配色 22.96欧元,码全,直邮到手约195人民币

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  •  无限制运动 窄肩带 开放式后背设计 Unrestricted movement – thin straps and an open-back style for great freedom of movement
  • 耐氯纤维 Endurance10 fabric – durable fabric engineered to fit like new for longer. creora highclo for improved chlorine resistance
  • 多向拉伸 贴身 舒适 Multi-directional stretch – our high-stretch fabric offers superb fit, comfort and freedom of movement
  • 耐久、防皱面料、速干、触感舒适 Comfortable – our durable, snag-resistant fabric is quick-drying and soft to touch
  • 耐晒 Durable – more resistant to sunscreen than traditional swim fabrics

Product Description

Get more from your workout with our bestselling women’s muscleback suit, featuring our shape-retaining endurance10 fabric technology. the thin straps, multi-directional stretch material and muscleback style provide great freedom of movement, allowing you to focus on your technique and performance. quick-drying and soft to the touch, the suit is designed to resist fading and keep its shape.


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西亚Azul – Navy/Siren/Deep Peri 配色 22.96欧元,码全,直邮到手约195人民币,其他配色略贵,也是可以入手价格。

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