skins 思金斯 A400 女子压缩紧身运动长裤 英亚黑色55欧元左右,到手500元左右

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skins 思金斯 A400 女子压缩紧身运动长裤

英亚自营 黑色 B33156001

L M S XS  均55欧元左右, 黑底金线M L 也是

到手500元左右 近期好价


  • 无缝 舒适 无摩擦  A-Seams – 30% stronger than overlock stitches and sit flat against your body for the ultimate comfort and durability without chafing.
  • 减少肌肉压力 避免伤害 Reduces Pressure – On muscles are at a high risk of injury during running.
  • 精确压缩  A400 Construction – Delivers the most precise compression possible.
  • 增加携氧量 降低乳酸堆积浓度  Applies Pressure To Muscles Closest To Your Heart – To improve your circulation, increases the flow of oxygen to your muscles and reduces the build of of blood lactate.
  • 精确剪裁 贴身 舒适 压缩  Precision Fit – Improving fit, comfort and compression.




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