CW-X Conditioning Wear Women’s Pro Shorts 女子Pro压缩短裤XS码 直邮好价

By | 2016年2月14日

CW-X Conditioning Wear Women’s Pro Shorts 女子Pro压缩短裤 黑底紫色条 XS码 直邮好价 到手27刀 约178元。对大腿支撑很好。


  • 80% Coolmax, 20% Lycra
  • 弹性腿部收口 Elastic closure
  • 悬挂晾干 Hang Dry
  • 防晒  UPF 50+ For UVA/UVB protection
  • 腰部臀部大腿支撑   The Support Web provides lower back support, Provides a suspension system for the hamstring muscles, Also supports the quads and hips
  • 运动前热身、运动中保护、运动后加速恢复 Excellent support before, during and after activity, Before – to warm up muscles, During – to maximize support and After – to accelerate recovery
  • 凉爽舒适 COOLMAX fabric keeps you cool and dry
  • 泰国产 Made in Thailand


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